About Us


TD Haulage Ltd.

TD Haulage Ltd has grown out of the Timber Industry in the North Island over the past 30 years.

Over the years TD Haulage has diversified into the bulk cartage of many bulk products such as Woodchip, Roading Metal, Fertiliser, Broll, Palm Kernal, Post Peelings, Reject Chip, Coal, Sawdust, and Bark.

We specialise in Timber & Palletised Cartage, operating 44 tonne-rated gear throughout New Zealand.

TD Haulage welcomes any new enquiries relating to any cartage requirements.

For all enquiries call 0800885566 or 0212488802


Fibre Logistics Ltd

Fibre Logistics Ltd is the dispatch for TD Haulage and Godfrey Haulage, consisting of 4 dispatchers around a hub of 4 computers linked up to each other which is essential for efficient and essential communication.  It involves the organisation of Metal, Woodchip, Fertiliser, Broll, Palm Kernal, Post Peelings, Reject Chip, Coal, Sawdust, and Bark throughout the North Island, and is controlled from the Fibre Logistics Ltd Pulse in Mt Maunganui.

Cameras are installed throughout the  North Island to assist in the control of certain bulk products, and phones are manned 24/7.

No job is too small.

For all enquiries, Click Here


Dynes Tractors

Dynes Tractors is a specialised operation which specialises in the bulk movement of products involving small distances on mill sites, or any site required.

We operate Quad Belarus tractors with super coffin trailers.

For any enquiries, call Derek on Mob. 021 941 170


Dynes Workshops Ltd

Dynes Workshops Ltd are based in Mt Maunganui, with staff of approximately 7.  We have dedicated mechanics with our workshop operating a full day shift with mechanics on standby for the night-shift if required.

Trucks are serviced on a kilometre schedule, and up to 3 trucks a day are rostered for servicing.

For any enquiries, call the Head Mechanic Ross on Mob. 021 246 9665 or (07) 9281449 (Direct Workshop Phoneline)


Dynes Maintenance Rotorua Ltd

Dynes Maintenance Rotorua Ltd is based on Allan Mills Rd, Rotorua, and consists of 5 mechanics who service the Godfrey fleet. Three trucks per day are serviced on a kilometre schedule, and rostered according to the FLL (Fibre Logistics Ltd) dispatching plan.

For all enquiries, call the Head Mechanic Ivor on Mob. 021 911 504 or  (07) 3453728.


Dynes Engineering Ltd

Dynes Engineering Ltd is based at 100 Newton Road, Mt Maunganui.  Four Engineers operate 5 days a week, repairing all trailers and truck bins, and helping finish all engineering requirements to both TD Haulage and Godfrey Haulage fleets.

Tig welding, Aluminium welding and all Steel welding are part of the services provided from our premises in Newton Road, Mt Maunganui to our fleet.

For any enquiries, call the Head Engineer Paul on Mob. 0212405280 or  (07) 928 1450  ( Direct Engineering Workshop line)


Dynes Management Ltd

Dynes Management Ltd consists of all TD Haulage and Godfrey Mangement staff.

For any issues or questions please contact the following:

Managing Director: John                                   Mob. 021 942 131

Pricing: Derek                                                      Mob. 021 911 504

TD Haulage Pay Clerk: Bonnie                        Ph. (07) 575 4796

Godfrey Haulage Pay Clerk: Loreen               Ph. (07) 575 4796

Accounts   TD Haulage: Phillipa                      Ph. (07) 575 4796

Accounts     Godfrey Haulage: Phillipa           Ph. (07) 575 4796